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Kamis, 27 September 2018 ~ Oleh SMK N 1 WONOSARI ~ Dilihat 1419 Kali

Our lovely Headmaster, Dra. Susi Susiyanti, M. Pd.


Her name is Susi Susiyanti, but in her family, especially her nieces and nephews always call her "Budhe Is". She was born on February 9, 1964. She is the fifth child of eight siblings. She has a husband named Sarjuno. Her husband works as a high school supervisor. From the wedding they were given a son named AdityaDamarWicaksono. They live in Trimulyo 1, Kepek, Wonosari.

Her education history  isABA Kindergarten, Elementary School 5 Wonosari, BOPKRI Junior High School, Senior High School 1 Wonosari, IKIP colleges majored in counseling literature in 1982, then S2 at SarjanawiyataTamansiswa University took education management in 2010


Mrs. Susi is currently a headmaster of Vocational High School 1 Wonosari. Before becoming the principal of Vocational High School 1Wonosari,she had other work experiences. The work experience that Mrs. Susi got are from 1987 to 1990 became a non-permanent teacher at SPG BinaKarya. Laterin 1990 she became CPNS at SMK N 2 Wonosari until 2009, after that she occupied  the position of principalat Vocational High School 1 Ponjong  until May 2013. On May 2013 until July the 4,  2018She became the principal of the Vocational High School 3 Wonosari. Since July the 4, 2018, she became the Principal of the Vocational High School 1 Wonosari.

She expressed her inspirational experience of being a school principal. The first experience is when she received the mandate of a new school unit,Vocational High School 1 Ponjong. Of course, the new school did not yet have adequate facilities, books and other school equipment and  do not yet existed either. Only a few teachers taught in that school.  Therefore, she hoped to be able to build character and convince the community this school wouldconfigure the character of the students. So the first thing she did was to “Sell Characters”which meant the character was very important to show.From the simple things she had built there,  the public perception was changed and be  very satisfied with her promises to build school development. Since then the development of the school had become very fast becausethe public trust was increased. When the school had not been able to talk about quality, with this character students had hope to develop.

The second inspirational experience is when She got national appreciation in developing character too. This happened when the student's moral was declined from the aspect of honesty, character and also decreases the health of students due to dirty toilets. So Mrs. Susi felt to be call to rebuild the character of students. At that time there was ascience  teacher who presented  material about environmental management which would form "Clean Toilet Lovers Group". And it turned out that students are more responsible. In development she and other teachers made special toilets for women and teachers who were menstruating. Where pads, underwear and tissue were prepared. The idea arisen because most students permission to go  home during menstruation. She revealed about the procedure for implementing the use of the facility, that is by taking it itself and paying it honestly by herself there. So the program is called "Clean, Honest and Healthy Toilet". The process of getting an award is by participating in a new innovation competition in schools held nationally. By making “toilets clean, healthy and honest” to present.with the program with her idea finally get two awards starting in 2015.

In 2016 she also got personal achievement, that was in the race for theoutstanding principals, she won the 3rd place at the provincial level.According to her, finding  out about the achievements and awards, the implications of all these achievements and awards can motivate that from small things can be something of great value and usefulness.

Mrs. Susi is known as a person who is firm in making decisions. She said this is done because in any role carrying out the mandate is a moral responsibility, it must be carried out optimally, because people work together with worship. In the implementation of the technical, she always clings to the regulation because it is a commitment to work. To be of value in the eyes of God and to be useful in the eyes of others. She advised the students to always learn whenever, wherever and from anyone, to maintain high spirits and achieve their goals. The message to the teachers that working is worship then do it with full of trust and responsibility. She also advised that the teachers could work professionally and always follow the rules.

Mrs. Susi also has an idol in her life that is her both parents. She said that they were inspirational figures. Living in challenging times, but always teaching someone's responsibilities and never complaining.While her hobbies are cooking, holiday and taking photos. She really likes to take photos anywhere.

She is an inspiration for teacher and students in SMK Negeri 1 Wonosari.


Witten by Yani Tri Utami, XII AK 4



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